Bac’n Fried Potatoes

While the main thrust of this blog was intended to be film and media related, I just created something worth mentioning no matter what the venue.

Bac'n Fried Potatoes
Bac'n Fried Potatoes

Now, like most people, I like love Bacon (capital B). Today, I was cooking some up, and this was an extra fatty Bacon, which got me thinking about these potatoes I had bought the other day. And low and behold I created a simple to make, and utterly delicious dish: Bac’n Fried Potatoes.

Now, the name is a little pun, but a misleading one because there is no baking involved, but there is boiling. Here is how to make this mouth watering dish.

1) Boil Water. Put potatoes in that water and boil potatoes for about 15-20 min, depending on the size of them. I prefer the red ones that are the size of a wimpy kids fist. I also like to leave the skin on. Don’t over boil them, you just want them soft, but not mushy. If your knife goes into them without resistance, they are done. Remove and let them cool a little.

2) Pan fry some Bacon.

3) Bacon is awesome. Remove it from the pan and try to save the drippings from the meat in the pan. Eat said Bacon.* Also, don’t burn the fat off, if you aren’t ready for the next step, turn off the flame.

4) Once the potatoes are cool enough to touch, cut them into thin slices. The thinner the crispier they will become. I aim for about 1/4″ thickness and no bigger than 1″ of surface area.

5) Sautée the potato slices in the Bacon fat until all sides are a crispy brown. Add salt and pepper to taste. Dried oregano works nicely as well, as would rosemary. Remove heat and let sit to cool for a minute before serving.

* If you have more patience than I, you can save the Bacon and cut it up into small bits and serve it with the potatoes. That would have been awesome, but I didn’t do that.