About Me

MeHi, I’m Josh and I edit film and video. I am a storyteller, crafting compelling visual narratives through the medium of time and screens.

My strengths are storytelling and collaborating to structure the narrative in the edit room. I am extremely organized, time efficient, and have a strong work ethic. If you are looking for an editor for your next project, whatever the format or content type, let’s talk!

I discovered my love of editing purely by accident: you see, I was in film school to become the “next great producer.” I was working on a short film, and we had no one lined up to edit it once it was in the can. Like any good producer would, I rolled up my sleeves and took the task on myself and signed up for an editing course to make sure we finished the project. But then something happened. I’d booked the edit sessions in our edit bays for several hours, but those hours flew by in mere minutes, and they had to kick me out. I was having more fun editing the film than any moment leading up to post. Once I get in that creative zone, the only time that matters is the time contained within the content. Is it kind of like Neo seeing the Matrix? Yeah, let’s go with that. So, I changed tracks and haven’t looked back. I have worked in the film industry Editing cable network television shows since 2011, and before that, I worked as Production Manager on national commercial campaigns, starting in 2005.

I love the problem solving element of figuring out a story and putting a project together.  I have keen analytical mind for finding meaning and creating order out of the chaos in the cutting room, which has translated into compelling commercial television viewing with an emotional element.

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