That A-Ha Moment

This scene from the film The Young Victoria, in the context of the film, just floored me. Queen Victoria and Albert (not yet the prince) share both their first dance together, and the first dance of Victoria as Queen. With everyone watching, the two not-yet-lovers have a great shared moment that seems intimate in a world without privacy.

Hit Hard, Not Fast

Yesterday, a filmmaker colleague, Gary King, posted two trailers for a new video game and asked which one people preferred. Before I had even seen his post, I had seen the same trailer, which is quickly going around Twitter and truly is a sight to behold (even more so if you are a Zombie fan as I am). Watch both versions and then read on to see my thoughts and then share your own

How the Horrors of SyFy made me realize I am a Mac

“Apple-J! Apple-J! Too much Apple-J!” I screamed in my ever present internal monologue.


The newly rebranded SyFy channel has been on my list of “Favorite Channels” ever since I discovered I could skip all the channels I don’t watch. I have been a SciFi Channel fan since I was a teenager. I didn’t have cable growing up, but my father did, so on weekends, I would get my dose of The Twilight Zone and Mystery Science Theater 3000.