Embrace Improv Skills for a more Fun and Exciting D&D Game

You’ve spent hours planning tonight’s D&D Session with great care. You know what monsters your player’s will encounter, what town or other locations they want to visit, and you’ve created the perfect NPC to show off how your BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) isn’t to be trifled with. Your friends brought the pizza and drinks, have sat down with their character sheets and their lucky dice, and turn to you, hoping for a night of fun.

Suddenly, shortly into your session somewhere between your players buying a ton of gear from Tristan, the salty merchant NPC you created and a combat against the BBEG’s main henchman, who you were certain they were heading to, they act unpredictably.

That A-Ha Moment

This scene from the film The Young Victoria, in the context of the film, just floored me. Queen Victoria and Albert (not yet the prince) share both their first dance together, and the first dance of Victoria as Queen. With everyone watching, the two not-yet-lovers have a great shared moment that seems intimate in a world without privacy.

Hit Hard, Not Fast

Yesterday, a filmmaker colleague, Gary King, posted two trailers for a new video game and asked which one people preferred. Before I had even seen his post, I had seen the same trailer, which is quickly going around Twitter and truly is a sight to behold (even more so if you are a Zombie fan as I am). Watch both versions and then read on to see my thoughts and then share your own

Bac’n Fried Potatoes

Now, like most people, I like love Bacon (capital B). Today, I was cooking some up, and this was an extra fatty Bacon, which got me thinking about these potatoes I had bought the other day. And low and behold I created a simple to make, and utterly delicious dish: Bac’n Fried Potatoes.

Hot Rod Review

Don your nautical themed pashmina afghans and join me on a ride of pure ridiculousness. If you thought “I’m on a Boat” was funny for any reason, then watch this film. The basic premise of the movie is that Andy Samberg plays a man-child wannabe stunt-man who wants to raise the conveniently priced $50,000 the save his dying macho step father so that he can finally kick his ass. Oh, and to win the girl.

How the Horrors of SyFy made me realize I am a Mac

“Apple-J! Apple-J! Too much Apple-J!” I screamed in my ever present internal monologue.


The newly rebranded SyFy channel has been on my list of “Favorite Channels” ever since I discovered I could skip all the channels I don’t watch. I have been a SciFi Channel fan since I was a teenager. I didn’t have cable growing up, but my father did, so on weekends, I would get my dose of The Twilight Zone and Mystery Science Theater 3000.


I just saw Mike Leigh’s Happy-Go-Lucky. Although I’ve known of him for a while, I have never seen one of his movies before. Perhaps because when I heard of him as an early teenager, I knew his movies were more adult suited, or at least had a maturity I just didn’t care for at the time. Well, now I am an adult. I enjoyed it and had a few thoughts: